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Many of you are already working with various portals. For others, it is the first time. Perhaps you have just taken over a campsite and have just started surveying the entire playing field and are still orientating on administration software (PMS). If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please contact the Sales department. They will be happy to help you!

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Frequently asked questions

General questions and registration

What are the advantages of becoming online bookable?

Online booking is not only convenient for campers, but also for you as a campsite operator! Thanks to online booking, campers can book their next camping holiday with just a few clicks on your own website and on our websites and apps at a time that suits them (most bookings are made on Sundays after 8pm). Very easily, quickly and from anywhere. And what does that mean specifically for you? The camper's data is already recorded, you as a camp site owner have more planning security, the check-in process is faster and there is simply more time to take care of other more important things.

There is no registration fee. Neither is there a monthly or annual fee. You will only pay a small percentage of the booking revenue to us. Of course you don't pay for canceled bookings or no shows.

Simply fill in this form and we will contact you shortly to guide you through the next steps.


You can find an overview of all supported systems here.

I don't have a software programm to manage my campsite. What now?

We have launched our own booking solution (PMS) Max Camping that enables you make your campsite bookable on your own website very easily. At the same time, it enables you to become bookable with ACSI Booking as well. Max Camping also has a number of connections to channel managers.

One thing in advance: You can manage your availabilities individually for the stands and rental properties you have created. Exactly to the day with or even without an administration system. Among other things, our booking system offers the indication of:

Minimum length of stay

Prices for stands depend on the number of people

Opening days and periods

Additional costs (e.g. for a car parking space)

The amount of the deposit is flexible when booking, at least 20%

You as a campsite owner will always receive the amount in your favored currency. We have deposited the following currencies: Euro, Swiss Franc and Danish Krona.


The customer pays directly to you.

You determine your own offer with your own rates and conditions for our channel in the software you are already using. You also set your own desired cancellation policy.

You should cancel the booking in your management software. By doing this you insure you won't be invoiced for the booking.

Cost and invoicing

If you advertise with either or ACSI Publishing, you will pay 10 % commission on the booking net revenue. Otherwise it's 14 %. Apart from that there are no extra fees.

You will receive a single invoice with all bookings with a departure date of the prior month via email. Of course you are given enough time to edit any bookings in case a customer hasn't shown up or canceled their booking. Those bookings won't be invoiced. If you agree with the invoice, it will be debited from your bank account.