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We offer integrations with many popular PMS and channel managers. Even if you don't have an existing system yet, you can use our lightweight Max Camping solution so we can get you online as soon as possible. Below you will find an overview which software we currently support.

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Our integrations

Product nameTypeIntegration via
BeddyChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
BlastnessChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
BookingExpertChannel ManagerCtoutvert
Booking OneChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
D-EDGEChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
EasyramChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
ErmeshotelsChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
FigaroChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Hotel.BBChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HotelnetChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Leo RevooChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Max CampingChannel ManagerDirect connection
OctorateChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Parity RateChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
PhobsChannel ManagerDirect connection, Ctoutvert
QennerChannel ManagerCtoutvert
RoomCloudChannel ManagerCtoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
SecureholidayChannel ManagerDirect connection
Seekda OneChannel ManagerPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
simpleBookingChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Vertical BookingChannel ManagerBookingExpert - Ctoutvert

Product nameTypeIntegration via
3D OuestPMSCtoutvert
5stellePMSPhobs, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert, Phobs - Ctoutvert
AlpineBitesPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Alyante HispitalityPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
AmonRaPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Applicamp NeoPMSCtoutvert
ASA HotelPMSPhobs, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
BeOteliaPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Blue CampeggiPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Booking ExpertsPMSQenner - Ctoutvert
BookzoPMSQenner - Ctoutvert
C1: ManagerPMSMax Camping
Camping2000PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Camping.carePMSDirect connection
camppartnerPMSMax Camping
CloudVillagePMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Cloud-hotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Code OnePMSCtoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
CompuCampPMSDirect connection, Ctoutvert, Max Camping
CreativeHotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
DCS Hotel SoftPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Der PlatzwartPMSMax Camping
DiventaPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Dot-HotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
E2K Hotel (ex. Horizon)PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
EasycampPMSCtoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert, Max Camping
ElektraPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
ePrenotazioniPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Ericsoft Suite 3° and Suite 4°PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Estar Village CampingPMSCtoutvert
EveryOfficePMSQenner - Ctoutvert
Fidelio Suite8 PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
FidelityPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
FlyHotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
GastmanagerPMSMax Camping
GEINA HotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HOAsysPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HolidaygrafPMSCtoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HospesPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Hotel 2000 Evolution PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Hotel RunnerPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HOTELCUBE PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HOTELCUBE SmartPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HotelierPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Hotelpedia PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HotelXP PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HotnewPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
HRECPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Impresa HotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
ISTES HotelSQLPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
iSustavPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Laser Line HISPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
LasersoftPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
LeonardoPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
LHotel HospitalityPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Master CampingPMSCtoutvert
MewsPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
misHPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
mOperationsPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
NautilusPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Naxi GestionPMSCtoutvert
NewysePMSQenner - Ctoutvert
Nuconga PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
OperaPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
OzmoGestion (ex. Campmis)PMSCtoutvert
OzmoGestion (ex. Residmis)PMSCtoutvert
Page 3.0PMSMax Camping
PakomPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Passepartout WelcomePMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Phoenix Hotelsoftware PMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Plein Air 2000PMSCtoutvert
PMS LightPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert PMSCtoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
ProSoftPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
Protel PMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
RCS EnterprisePMSQenner - Ctoutvert
RecranetPMSQenner - Ctoutvert
Remaris HotelPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
ROSPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
ScrignoPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
SGS CampingPMSCtoutvert, Phobs, BookingExpert - Ctoutvert
SihotPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
SmartCampPMSCtoutvert, Max Camping
SmartHotelPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
SysHotel GeniusPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
TommyPMSQenner - Ctoutvert
Touring HomePMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Tourist 2008PMSMax Camping
VirgilPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Web BookingPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
Web HotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
WelcomePMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
WinHotelPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert
WinREZPMSPhobs, Phobs - Ctoutvert
XenusPMSBookingExpert - Ctoutvert